Have you ever felt like you weren’t content with your life?  Like maybe you should have made better choices or if you had done things differently, you might be in a better situation.  Or you feel like someone made a choice for you that you didn’t want.  That can range from financial, marriage, work or a number of other things.  Whenever I have felt discontent with my life it’s because I’ve taken my eyes off of Jesus and put them on me.  Have I always made the best choices, absolutely not, but have those choices made me the woman I am today, yes, absolutely.  I am probably more appreciative of my life right now, then I have ever been.  Why?  Because my focus is on God and not myself!  Do I still want things in life…..yes, however, I have made the choice to not focus on the things I don’t have, but take joy in the life God has allowed me to live.

I think sometimes we look at others and wish for their life.  We look at what they own, how we perceive their life to be and we start to become disillusioned with what God has given us.  Society definitely pushes us towards bigger, better, more and tells us that’s what will make us happy.  My best days are just being with my husband and daughter and doing ordinary things.  Of course, I often wish my oldest daughter lived close enough for us to hang out, but right now God has her where she needs to be, with her husband and I accept that and know that God is always with her, even if I can’t be.

One thing my Mom always tells me is to be thankful for everything.  I’m learning to be content and grateful for the little things in life.  Today, just stop and take the time to enjoy what God has blessed you with.  You’ll be amazed at what you really do have.  And be sure to thank Him!

Tell Your Story Walking, Mo


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