A Godly Mother

My Mom is visiting with us and I’m enjoying just being with her.  As I look at her interacting with my family it brings back wonderful memories of her as I was growing up. I see her with my daughter, Brooke teaching her how to love God and what it means to seek after His heart.  She does it in a way that you don’t even realize she’s teaching you something so valuable.  She lives Jesus, but that’s because He is her world.  She finds God in everything and looks for opportunities to allow Him to work through her.  I’m always amazed at how we can go shopping and she finds someone (or more like God brings someone to her) that needs to hear “Jesus really does love you!”  My Mom is never ashamed to bring God up in a conversation and she does it with such love and compassion, people genuinely listen and you can almost see the gratitude in their eyes, that she took the time to tell them.

I see my Mom kneel every night to pray before she crawls into bed.  She prays for our family, her friends, whomever God lays on her heart.  She will be 84 years old next month and she still gets on her knees before her Savior to show reverence.  Not because she thinks He expects that, but because of her love for Him that she kneels before her Lord.

There has always been something special about her.  She loves unconditionally and without prejudice.  I can honestly say, I have never known anyone like her and feel so honored that God would give her to me for a Mother.  She is truly a God-Send!

If you have a godly Mother, then tell her today how much you appreciate and love her.  If your Mom does not know the Lord, then pray for her salvation and never give up.  And always show her the love and respect she deserves.

Tell your story walking, Mo

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2 Responses to A Godly Mother

  1. You are a lot like your mother!

  2. Lori Burdette says:

    Very nicely written. She is such a blessing and I know you are so thankful for her! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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