My Son

Seven years ago today, our son was born and in the same instance went straight into the arms of his Jesus.  We’ve come a long way in seven years and I don’t try to understand the mind of God.  What I do know, is that God is all-knowing and for whatever reason He had, my son was not to live on this earth, but to go directly to his heavenly home.

My heart aches at times when I see little boys and I wonder what my son would look like and what his personality would have been. I envision him looking just like his daddy and having his father’s quiet demeanor.  Or would he look like Craig and be feisty like me? But when my heart yearns to hold my only son, I think of how our Heavenly Father is holding him, waiting for the day to introduce us.  But I don’t really think an introduction will be necessary, I know when I get to heaven, I’ll know my son!

Trying to comprehend why things happen can be daunting and down right exhausting, however, at the end of the day, I know that I have a God that loves me and does everything for a reason.  My purpose is to trust Him in all things and use those experiences to help others.  It’s not always easy and at times I want to have a pity-party. But what good would that do?  It wouldn’t bring my son back.  So I just trust, sometimes reluctantly, but God is always faithful and He always gives me peace.  How can I argue with God?  His son died for my sins and I didn’t deserve His grace, but He did it anyway, He had a plan!

Let God give you a fresh touch of His mercy and grace and rest in Him knowing He has everything under control and He loves you!  Keep your eyes focused on Him.  His promises never fail!  Stay faithful!

Tell your story walking, Mo

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