Trusting God through a divorce

I have been divorced for 21 years and as I look back at how it all transpired, it brings up unpleasant memories and mixed emotions.  I’m not going to go into detail what happened, but I want to share with you my actions after I was separated and going through the divorce.

I was full of hurt!  I was angry with my husband and angry at God.  I was angry that God did not change my husband’s mind.  I asked God “why me?  Is this what I deserved?  Did God not love me enough to save my marriage?”  My biggest mistake was to walk away from God when I needed Him most.  I literally told God I was walking away from Him.  I was so foolish.  How can we walk away from Him, He is always with us.  But I thought I’d show God who was boss.  How wrong I was!  If I thought my life was crumbling then, I was in for a huge disappointment at how my life would start to unravel with me in charge. Through a series of extremely poor choices on my part and being brought to the end of my rope, I fell before God and asked for His forgiveness.

If you are in the midst of a separation or divorce or are even contemplating it, I urge you to seek godly counsel and hold tight to the Lord.  You need Jesus now more than ever!  It might not even be you who wants the divorce.  One thing I did not understand at the time, is that God saw my pain and hurt and all He wanted to do was to love me though it and bring me out stronger on the other side.  He did make me stronger, but because of my unwillingness to hear His voice, it took a lot longer.  Don’t be so proud or stubborn that you believe you know what’s best!  Trust in the Creator of all things.  His promises never fail.  Read His Word and take comfort in knowing, He will never leave you, nor forsake you.   Stay faithful and know that He is always with you!

Tell your story walking, Mo

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