Have you ever felt like you weren’t content with your life?  Like maybe you should have made better choices or if you had done things differently, you might be in a better situation.  Or you feel like someone made a choice for you that you didn’t want.  That can range from financial, marriage, work or a number of other things.  Whenever I have felt discontent with my life it’s because I’ve taken my eyes off of Jesus and put them on me.  Have I always made the best choices, absolutely not, but have those choices made me the woman I am today, yes, absolutely.  I am probably more appreciative of my life right now, then I have ever been.  Why?  Because my focus is on God and not myself!  Do I still want things in life…..yes, however, I have made the choice to not focus on the things I don’t have, but take joy in the life God has allowed me to live.

I think sometimes we look at others and wish for their life.  We look at what they own, how we perceive their life to be and we start to become disillusioned with what God has given us.  Society definitely pushes us towards bigger, better, more and tells us that’s what will make us happy.  My best days are just being with my husband and daughter and doing ordinary things.  Of course, I often wish my oldest daughter lived close enough for us to hang out, but right now God has her where she needs to be, with her husband and I accept that and know that God is always with her, even if I can’t be.

One thing my Mom always tells me is to be thankful for everything.  I’m learning to be content and grateful for the little things in life.  Today, just stop and take the time to enjoy what God has blessed you with.  You’ll be amazed at what you really do have.  And be sure to thank Him!

Tell Your Story Walking, Mo


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How the Holy Spirit Drew Me

A bible study was started in the winter at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Gettysburg, PA.  I never had read the bible and this was exciting.  We started in Genesis and as we proceeded we starting asking questions. 

I watched the P.T.L. Program many times and I knelt down and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior in the summer of 1977.

Our heavenly Father, through crossed telephone wires, put my friend Madelyn & I in touch with Christine (whom we did not know).  Christine was a Christian and she invited us to a Foursquare Gospel church.  Foursquare is where I got the foundation of the bible and my belief is in the Cornerstone who has blessed me and many of those I love, to become His servant. Acts 16:31.

It took me two and a half years to cut the apron strings of my Catholic upbringing as I was 52 years old and very devoted to Mary and the Saints.

Now my greatest joy is to be His servant for the rest of my life.

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A Godly Mother

My Mom is visiting with us and I’m enjoying just being with her.  As I look at her interacting with my family it brings back wonderful memories of her as I was growing up. I see her with my daughter, Brooke teaching her how to love God and what it means to seek after His heart.  She does it in a way that you don’t even realize she’s teaching you something so valuable.  She lives Jesus, but that’s because He is her world.  She finds God in everything and looks for opportunities to allow Him to work through her.  I’m always amazed at how we can go shopping and she finds someone (or more like God brings someone to her) that needs to hear “Jesus really does love you!”  My Mom is never ashamed to bring God up in a conversation and she does it with such love and compassion, people genuinely listen and you can almost see the gratitude in their eyes, that she took the time to tell them.

I see my Mom kneel every night to pray before she crawls into bed.  She prays for our family, her friends, whomever God lays on her heart.  She will be 84 years old next month and she still gets on her knees before her Savior to show reverence.  Not because she thinks He expects that, but because of her love for Him that she kneels before her Lord.

There has always been something special about her.  She loves unconditionally and without prejudice.  I can honestly say, I have never known anyone like her and feel so honored that God would give her to me for a Mother.  She is truly a God-Send!

If you have a godly Mother, then tell her today how much you appreciate and love her.  If your Mom does not know the Lord, then pray for her salvation and never give up.  And always show her the love and respect she deserves.

Tell your story walking, Mo

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Share your story!

I would like for you to share a true life story of how Jesus has impacted your life.   It can be a specific time in your life or an experience that changed your life.  The focus is to be on God.  How He either helped you overcome something or brought you out of it stronger and wiser.  It can be as simple as God showing you His love in your everyday life.  Whatever it is, please share with others.  Your story may help someone who is hurting and needs to know they are not alone.  You can post your story in the comment section or you can email it to me and I will post it for you.  My email address is

Tell Your Story Walking, Mo

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Feeling Irritable?

I was thinking about my Dad today.  I guess because I have the same skin disease that he had, Pemphigus.  My skin is broken out and I felt so irritable today.  I think back on my childhood remembering how annoyed my father always seemed to be and how I thought what a mean person he was.  Well, my father was always broken out with Pemphigus.  I don’t remember a time when he didn’t have it.  I also don’t ever remember my father missing work either.  There are days when I’m broken out that I don’t want to go out, let alone go to work.

I’m so blessed that I have such an amazing husband and daughters.  I feel ugly at times and wonder why I had to be “cursed” with this disease.  My prayer is that my girls never have to endure it.

But I also think about how Christ suffered for all of us.  My Pemphigus doesn’t even come remotely close to how God suffered for me.  Today, while driving home from work I was whining to God about my disease and listening to a Christian music station and was immediately reminded of how much God loves me, that He would allow His precious Son to be tortured and endure unbelievable agony, just so that we could be with Him in eternity.  That Jesus became the sacrifice to make things right between God and man.

I stopped my pity-party and thanked God that I am alive and have a family.  I’m able to work and even when my skin hurts, it’s tolerable.  There are so many more people out there that have much worse problems than a heredity skin disease.

Take time today and thank God for all the blessings in your life.  Even thank Him for the things in your life that cause you pain, because through that pain or struggle, you may be able to help someone else that desperately needs someone to understand.

Tell Your Story Walking, Mo

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My Son

Seven years ago today, our son was born and in the same instance went straight into the arms of his Jesus.  We’ve come a long way in seven years and I don’t try to understand the mind of God.  What I do know, is that God is all-knowing and for whatever reason He had, my son was not to live on this earth, but to go directly to his heavenly home.

My heart aches at times when I see little boys and I wonder what my son would look like and what his personality would have been. I envision him looking just like his daddy and having his father’s quiet demeanor.  Or would he look like Craig and be feisty like me? But when my heart yearns to hold my only son, I think of how our Heavenly Father is holding him, waiting for the day to introduce us.  But I don’t really think an introduction will be necessary, I know when I get to heaven, I’ll know my son!

Trying to comprehend why things happen can be daunting and down right exhausting, however, at the end of the day, I know that I have a God that loves me and does everything for a reason.  My purpose is to trust Him in all things and use those experiences to help others.  It’s not always easy and at times I want to have a pity-party. But what good would that do?  It wouldn’t bring my son back.  So I just trust, sometimes reluctantly, but God is always faithful and He always gives me peace.  How can I argue with God?  His son died for my sins and I didn’t deserve His grace, but He did it anyway, He had a plan!

Let God give you a fresh touch of His mercy and grace and rest in Him knowing He has everything under control and He loves you!  Keep your eyes focused on Him.  His promises never fail!  Stay faithful!

Tell your story walking, Mo

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Trusting God through a divorce

I have been divorced for 21 years and as I look back at how it all transpired, it brings up unpleasant memories and mixed emotions.  I’m not going to go into detail what happened, but I want to share with you my actions after I was separated and going through the divorce.

I was full of hurt!  I was angry with my husband and angry at God.  I was angry that God did not change my husband’s mind.  I asked God “why me?  Is this what I deserved?  Did God not love me enough to save my marriage?”  My biggest mistake was to walk away from God when I needed Him most.  I literally told God I was walking away from Him.  I was so foolish.  How can we walk away from Him, He is always with us.  But I thought I’d show God who was boss.  How wrong I was!  If I thought my life was crumbling then, I was in for a huge disappointment at how my life would start to unravel with me in charge. Through a series of extremely poor choices on my part and being brought to the end of my rope, I fell before God and asked for His forgiveness.

If you are in the midst of a separation or divorce or are even contemplating it, I urge you to seek godly counsel and hold tight to the Lord.  You need Jesus now more than ever!  It might not even be you who wants the divorce.  One thing I did not understand at the time, is that God saw my pain and hurt and all He wanted to do was to love me though it and bring me out stronger on the other side.  He did make me stronger, but because of my unwillingness to hear His voice, it took a lot longer.  Don’t be so proud or stubborn that you believe you know what’s best!  Trust in the Creator of all things.  His promises never fail.  Read His Word and take comfort in knowing, He will never leave you, nor forsake you.   Stay faithful and know that He is always with you!

Tell your story walking, Mo

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